Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Traditional Bedroom Furniture


Rooted in traditional values, Lawrence Walsh is dedicated to creating beautifully designed, timeless furniture. This can be seen in our classical collection, which offers a wide range of styles to suit any taste.

At Lawrence Walsh we take great pride in our heritage. Our classic furniture is unique in that it offers ranges for those who prefer a traditional aesthetic as well as those who are looking for something that sits comfortably between both traditional and modern.



This is our most traditional range. It adds grandeur and character to any room with dental cornice, decorative pilasters and the option for a hand painted finish.


Radnor, Haverford and Ardmore:

These ranges have equally elaborate moulded doors. However, the use of a less elaborate cornice means that they have a slightly less traditional appearance.



The traditional shaker style of the Strafford has soft panelling on the doors and can come with a shaker style cornice if chosen.

This furniture style is very versatile and can fit into almost any bedroom.



The most modern range within our classic furniture options. This style has a flat door which hints towards a contemporary style, whilst maintaining the classic plinth and detailing.